Tourism in Ivory Coast



The climate in Ivory Coast is generally hot and humid. Equatorial along the coast, it is semi-arid in the extreme North, with average temperatures of 28°C.
Ivorian national parks are one of the largest protected areas in Africa.
Some protected species have been identified there including buffon kobs, hartebeests, buffalos, elephants, hippos and lions. One can also find antelopes, monkeys, panthers, mongooses and countless birds.
Located on the outskirts of Abidjan, the national park of Banco (3,000 hectares) is one example of primary forest with very rare species such as Mahogany, Framirés, Avodirés and Niangons.



Ivory Coast has an abundant literature, is rich in diversity of style and proverbs, supported by relatively strong editorial infrastructures and notorious writers, such as the locally famous Bernard Dadié, Aké Loba and Ahmadou Kourouma. Each cultural group shows their way of life through their artefacts.
Thus, materials such as wood or bronze, raffia or bamboo allow the creation of wickerwork, sculptures, artful furniture, statues and masks.
This cultural heritage is abundant and widely available. Traditional artworks (mainly sculptures) are sold to tourists who pass through seaside towns such as Grand-Bassam and Assinie.
Others are still exhibited in art galleries, in Abidjan's Musée des Civilisations and Centre Artisanal de la Ville d'Abidjan (CAVA).

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